Join us Wednesday, September 29th at 7 PM.

Reclaiming Friendship: God’s Plan for Deep Connection is a new six-lesson Bible study from Walking with Purpose. Explore what it takes to stay close to friends for the long haul, what to look for in a friend, and how to navigate toxic relationships.

Let God reshape how you see and experience intentional relationships, and become a woman who is capable of the lifelong bond of true friendship.

For more information and to register, email or call 561-665-8566.

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Begins Sept 29th – 7:00pm – Guadalupe Hall – Building G

A Modern Woman’s Guide to the Bible

A new Bible study program for adult women to address modern questions and issues using the keys of Sacred Scripture and Roman Catholic Tradition. Through this lens, women can find strength, comfort, and understanding of the perpetual challenges that have been encountered and conquered from ancient times through today.