I want the truth.You cant handle the truth.From a Few  Good Men

Many propose that the human mind evolved to solve life and death problems. Ignorance of what is true could be dangerous or deadly, but, mostly the truth about the world wasnt really helpful. For most of human existence, our ancestors only needed to know enough so that they could physically survive.
The world seemed to be flat and no one fell off it, so there was no need to know any more about it. To know enough to make predictions, like its better to wait near a watering hole to ambush more animals, worked well enough. What more do you need to know?
Our desire to know the truth has only become important over the last 12,000 years or so according to these theorists (other models of human development require much more time for a positive evolutionary change to come about if the shoe doesnt fit, make it fit).

This is nonsense. The ancients knew there was something beyond what they readily sensed. The truth is we desire truth, and whats more, we need truth. Its always been this way and always will be. Why?
Because we are inescapably drawn to God and God is Truth. Knowing the Truth leads to thriving not just surviving, and thriving is Gods desire for us.
The Wisemen didnt seek the newborn king in order to improve their chances of survival. They we doing just fine, thank you very much. They were drawn to know the Truth which leads to fullness of life. We are built to seek full, satisfying lives.
The only way that really works is being in relationship with our Creator. God wants us to know the truth, and in fact gives us the grace to know the Truth. And a fundamental part of the truth is that our living God wants us to partake in His divine nature. Gods plan is not for us to just survive, rather it is for our continuous spiritual improvement. The psalm today was most probably composed by Solomon who asks God for His judgment and justice, elements of the Divine nature. In so doing, Solomon is asking to know the Truth and that is a very wise request, one that we can make ourselves.
Knowing the Truth made flesh is so important to humanity and to God, that it could not be limited to the Jews but was also for all mankind. Thus, God called upon the magi, and provided the grace for them to find what they (and everyone else since has) sought. God gave us His Son and then gave us the way to find Him. And we can handle that.

Deacon Greg Osgood