ROCK is a Catholic youth group/ministry, created for early adolescents in grades six, seven and eight. This middle school youth group is designed to meet the educational, spiritual and social needs of our youth. St Vincent Ferrer, public school and home-schooled students are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Text Cheryl at 561-756-6827 for the next meetup!

Rock creates a caring, non-judgmental atmosphere to encourage and support love, faith, and compassion with God at the core. This youth group allows the middle school students to be themselves, as well as extending acceptance toward others.

Our middle school students are becoming more exposed to the positive and negative influences in our society and social media. Many are questioning and challenging their values and beliefs they once lived by as young children. Often, middle school adolescents are faced with trying to figure out who they are, and what they believe, how to act, and where to fit in. Rock encourages choices pleasing to God.

Rock generally meets three times a month on Wednesdays and our schedule is in the weekly bulletin. The theme of a Rock night varies with activities, games, competitions, outreach, community service, spiritual content, movies, and fundraisers. The meetings are engaging, informative, and fun. We also attend a 1-day Retreat/Rally each year. All are invited to come and check us out… and please bring a friend (they don’t have to be Catholic).

For more information regarding Rock and to be put on a weekly text blast, please contact Cheryl Deneen at 561-756-6827 or