The question of why we need sleep has never been answered. This may seem strange because it is not like sleeping is a new phenomenon. We have been sleeping for as long as we have been alive. For whatever reason, we need sleep and we need it regularly, but, no one knows why.
The fact is that most things in life need constant refreshment, maintenance, and fixing.
Besides rest, we need to eat regularly too. Cars, aircraft and boats require constant attention. New technology replaces old. Shoes wear out. Investment portfolios are monitored and adjusted as circumstances change. Lifetime warranties are less and less impressive because whatever you bought will be obsolete all too soon. Astronomers (spoiler alert) say the universe is dying although they also say we have a pretty long time to worry about that one.
Here is a question for you, What doesn’t wear out or need replenishment? (only two things come to mind for me.)
The priests in ancient Israel had to continually offer sacrifice for sin. Why? Be-cause they and everybody else continued to sin. Sin is a condition that needs constant fixing. God does not accept sin any sin. However, God has always provided a way for us to be acceptable to Him. So, He allowed for proper sacrifices to be made by the proper ministers the priests.
But there were two problems. First, the sacrifices offered for the spiritual failures of the people were inadequate. Second, the offerings were made by imperfect priests. So, these sacrifices opened a way for the people to stay connected to God and receive a measure of God’s grace, but they didn’t take sin away.
This is why Hebrews refers to ancient sacrifices as those “that can never take away sins.” To be clear, as the Catechism (2099) teaches, “Every action done so as to cling to God in communion of holiness… is a true sacrifice.” But, redemption for sin is possible only by perfect sacrifice. The “only perfect sacrifice is the one that Christ offered on the cross … for our salvation.” (Catechism 2100).
Jesus gave us the final fix for our failing condition. To paraphrase the Psalmist: If we set the LORD ever before us, with Him at our right hand we shall not be disturbed. Therefore, our hearts are glad and our souls rejoice, and we abide in confidence because He will not abandon any of His own. But there is a condition, we must be unbound from sin.Two things that never wear out are God’s love for us and His desire for us to be with Him. Now a second question: When was the last time you made a good confession?
Deacon Greg Osgood