How gracious is the Lord, and merciful, slow to anger abounding in love! (Ps.103)

Have you tried to find out how many times you went to confession? Each time, we tell the Lord we are sorry, it wont happen again. Guess what, it happens and will happen, sometimes till we die. So what kind of a God is our God? This Sundays readings answer our question.

In the desert, again and again, the Israelites sinned against the Lord God, failing to acknowledge his goodness and kindness. Every time, God forgives and starts anew, as if nothing happened. He is slow to anger. Even when He says, Let me destroy them and start anew with another generation”, He relents in the punishment he threatened to inflict on them.

God is good all the time, all the time God is good. But did you notice the role of intercession?
When He told Moses about his intention, Moses implored the Lord, his God. He pleaded with Him. How do we react when our children do things we told them not to? How do we deal with people who harm or offend us again and again? Do we try to imitate Gods goodness? Those in authority over us sometimes fail to be faithful to their duties, do we intercede, pray for them, asking God our Father and theirs to show mercy to them?
Look at the father of the prodigal son in the Gospel. It seems he has been praying to God every single day that his son would come back home. And, as a matter of fact, he must have been looking each day at the road to see if he was on his way. He saw him at a distance the day his prayer was answered and he ran toward him.

If we are truly sons and daughters of that same God we call our Father, shouldnt we be more merciful, more compassionate, more understanding, more merciful and think about using prayer for our persecutors, for our enemies if any, for sinners, for our children or grandchildren who have drifted away from God and from the Church? Shouldnt we use intercession for all of our brothers and sisters who are away from Gods ways?

Its amazing how we can be praying the Our Father day by day, saying, Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us”, and not working on having the heart of our Father in dealing with our own brothers and sisters.

Once again, let us go to the source of prayer, to the Psalms, and pray Psalm 103:

The Lord is compassionate and gracious,

Slow to anger, abounding in love

As a father has compassion on his children,

So the Lord has compassion on those who fear him;

For He knows how we are formed,

He remembers that we are dust

The Lords love is with those who fear Him,

And remember to obey his precepts”…

Fr. Danis Ridore