It’s been a very trying week at the parish, in our diocese, in our state, our country and our world. COVID-19 has entered into our world and has promised to make a mess of things, just as Satan tries to do with our lives.

Sadly, we must close the doors of our church and Perpetual Adoration Chapel (though Jesus will be exposed there during the duration of these turbulent times), along with our parish office (though there will be someone available via phone to arrange for whatever assistance is needed regarding to sacramental needs), our school and parish meeting rooms and facilities until we are notified by our Bishop that we can resume parish life in as normal a way as possible.

For those who wish to attend Sunday Mass, we are working on a possible plan to have a future outdoor Mass or two facing our main parking lot on a future weekend so that some people might have the privilege of attending Mass while in their car. This is an attempt to bring the Eucharist to those who can do so; however, we still have to see if it is logistically possible. We’re also working on the possibility of live-streaming a Mass from our closed church. Until then, may I recommend you gather your family to view the Mass on EWTN network, or the diocesan Mass at 10:30 a.m.(WTVX – Channel 34). This is also a great opportunity for the family to come together to pray and read the Scriptures. Even at this troubled time in our lives, there is a hidden blessing to pray as one family. As the saintly Father Peyton, the Rosary Priest said, “The family that prays together, stays together.”

It’s also a difficult time for parents who have to take leave of their regular employment in order to tend to the needs of their young children. Likewise, my heart goes out to those who will lose their jobs because they will lose their jobs as small busineses face the prospect of shuttering their operations and laying off from work some employees who have little or no other means to support their families or themselves. Let’s remember to pray for them, that they may not lose heart and may find other opportunities of support.

I also ask you to pray for the victims of the virus and the medical personnel who are dealing with these situations on a daily basis. Pray, too, for our leaders in this fight against COVID-19. They are in the forefront of this battle and are often subject to negative criticism from nay-sayers and political opportunists, and need our support in order to conquer this disease.

I will be praying for your health and that of your families, that you may be kept safe from all harm and that you may return soon to a more normal life and the consolation that’s given to us in our Sacraments. I look forward to the day when we can be re-united in church and offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (and don’t forget to send in your Sunday support envelopes; it helps us keep our parish ministries going and supports our workers in their jobs). May God bless and protect you and your families!