I believe the song begins something like this: “School days, school days, good ol’ back to school days.” Our kids are back, with over 390 children enrolled in our school. That’s only possible because of the great sacrifices made by their parents, and the willingness and hard work of our Principal, Mrs. Delgado and her staff. I also thank Jay Flood and his Maintenance Crew for their laborious efforts over the summer to ensure that it all happened on time. Without them, we would still be struggling and wondering when and where we could house all those students. I’m grateful to those who’ve supported our Capital Campaign in order to have the lovely new and renovated older sections of our school welcome everyone to a beautiful setting for learning purposes. I wish that I could say all of our parents co-operated in funding the efforts behind the construction and renovations. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Hopefully, the remaining families who have not borne their share in these efforts will now join with us in the venture, since their children also  are benefitting from all that we offer.

While the doors now are opened to a record number of students enrolled in our school, there remains some bits and pieces of the puzzle that remain to be fitted together. Therefore, we won’t have a dedication immediately, but will wait until a few more pieces of that puzzle are completed before having our bishop bless the school. Some adjustments still have to be made, so we ask you to be patient until we have everything the way we originally wanted it.