Compassion, comfort, and support for anyone grieving the death of a loved one
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Weekly GriefShare Group Sessions

GriefShare is a recovery support group designed to help you rebuild your life after losing a loved one.

Each weekly GriefShare session is a video seminar featuring some of the nation’s foremost experts on grief recovery topics. Each seminar is combined with a small group discussion time to allow group participants to talk about the content of the seminar and about how they are dealing with the death of their loved one.

The GriefShare group sessions held at St. Vincent Ferrer are facilitated by caring parishioners from our grief ministry team who have experienced grief and want to help you through the difficult days ahead. Since 2014, this ministry has walked the GriefShare journey “From Mourning to Joy” with over 60 participants.

Although the program does follow a topic sequence, you are welcome to begin attending sessions at any point – you do not have to wait until the next scheduled series begins. We encourage new participants to either call ahead or arrive 15 minutes early to their first session.

Current GriefShare Weekly Series:

Every Saturday starting
January 9th, 2021 through April 24th, 2021
10:00 am to noon
The weekly meetings will be available online and in the Guadalupe Hall (in Family Life Center)
All participants should register online with which allows you to access the weekly videos.  Also, all participant should have or get a workbook.

If you would like to order a book directly from, you can register at:
They charge about $20 ($16 book + $4 shipping).

If you already have a book or would like to pick your book up from the office, go to:
The cost is the same ($20).  However, if you cannot afford a book, please use this link to register and let the office know you would like a “scholarship” when picking up your book.

Online meeting info included on the registration page.
New participants welcome to join at any time in the series.

Upcoming GriefShare Special Event:

Loss of a Spouse
Sunday, January 3rd, 2021
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Please register online with

We encourage everyone to get the book for this event.  They are available from the office for free.

To register, go to:

If you need a book and cannot stop in the office to pick up a free copy,
you can order one directly from at your own expense by registering at the following:
The book costs $5 plus shipping.

This event will be available online only.
From Smartphone/Computer:

From Home Phone:
1 (786) 535-3211 – Access Code: 150-643-173

Grief Ministry Lending Library

Click to go to library

Click image to check out the library

We have a collection of books that can be of great comfort during times of grief, and you are welcome to borrow one whenever you’d like.

Please visit the front desk in the church office during their regular business hours to be directed to our lending library, where you can check out and return books, or donate books to our ministry