Extraordinary Ministers

The instruction Immensae Caritatis states that the “wonderful gift of the Eucharist . . . demands that such an important mystery should be increasingly better known and its saving power more fully shared.” The same instruction goes on to state that “provision be made lest reception (of the Eucharist) become impossible or difficult owing to a lack of a sufficient number of ministers,” and further spells out the various circumstances in which a lack of sufficient ministers for the distribution of Holy Communion can occur, namely:

1. During Mass, because of the size of the congregation or a particular difficulty in which a celebrant finds himself;

2. Outside of Mass, when it is difficult because of distance to take the sacred species, especially the Viaticum, to the sick in danger of death, or when the number of the sick, especially in hospitals and similar institutions, requires many ministers.

Therefore, in order that the faithful, who are in the state of grace and who with an upright and pious disposition, wish to share in the Sacred Banquet, may not be deprived of this sacramental help and consolation, it has seemed appropriate to the Holy Father to establish extraordinary ministers, who may give Holy Communion to themselves and to other faithful.

Is the Spirit calling you to serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion? This ministry puts you at the center of Church life. In the Mass, God sanctifies the world in Christ and humanity worships the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit. As an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, you are integral to the sacramental sharing that is the highlight of the Mass. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion also bring the Sacrament to those who are sick and homebound. What a great privilege, honor and gift it is to perform this ministry!

To find out more about becoming an Extraordinary Ministers, please contact Deacon Greg Osgood at (561) 276-6892.

May you receive many blessings for your ministry and service.