One of the greatest strengths of our parish is our welcoming spirit. A loving and friendly relationship is evident in each one of us. We would like to provide a spiritually nourishing environment that brings us closer to God and one another. At Mass, volunteers and ushers greet us with warm smiles. Liturgical and music ministers, including our clergy, ensure that our Sunday experience connects us with God in His holy banquet.

We see an extension of our fellowship in the Holy Eucharist through parish activities like the Sunday brunch that allows us to share stories and welcome new parishioners. On Fridays of Lent, the Knights of Columbus tirelessly prepare Lenten fish fry dinners for everyone. In February, staff, teachers, parents, and volunteers work for our annual parish festival that draws people from different walks of life. Yes, many have witnessed how we work together to build a family and community of faith.

As you may all know, we have welcomed several families in the past year, and it means a lot to them to find support as they transition to a new place. As a church, we are family. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ formed by friendship and love.

When we begin to see the friendship and relationship with God, we also start to see a place for everyone. The strength of our faith and friendship as parishioners also sustain our relationships in our homes.
Amid some situations that may lead to misunderstanding, let us stay secure and work together to strengthen our faith and friendship. Let us know that the enemy does not want us to be closer. The devil comes to ruin our relationships. There are unnecessary hardships in our family, church, and the world because many of us no longer seek to strengthen relationships with the Lord and one another.

Let us continue to work and use our gifts to build God’s kingdom. Let us work to continue to deepen our faith and strengthen our relationship as sons and daughters of God. When we have strong relationships, the enemy can hardly find opportunities to ruin our homes, church, and world.

We at St. Vincent Ferrer Parish can be witnesses to our community on what it means to live together in a strong bond of faith and friendship. Our interaction is not a transaction; it’s a relationship. Life is enriched with our shared experiences.