I hope we won’t adopt the business-as-usual attitude that might stop us from embarking on spiritual discipline and growth, thinking that the season for repentance is over. Yes, the discipline of fasting, almsgiving, and prayers that were magnified during Lent does not mean that they will end when Easter comes. Pursuing spiritual growth that leads us closer to Jesus each day should happen throughout the year!

The resurrection should not be just an event two thousand years ago. The resurrection is a mystery that takes place every day. We should allow it to unfold in our lives, even in our everyday experiences.

It is important for us as Christians to celebrate Easter as the most important feast of our Church. Easter is so important because our Christian faith revolves around the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If Jesus did not die for our sins, or if Jesus did not rise again three days after his death, the entire hope of Christianity is shattered. If Jesus did not suffer, die, and eventually rise from the dead, there would be no meaning in our life of faith.

Let us celebrate Easter with great joy and reflect on the meaning of Easter in how we live and conduct our lives wherever we are. Let us begin by bringing into our homes the spirit of Easter joy. No matter what struggle or concerns we may be facing, it is nothing compared to the power and grace of Jesus Christ, who, coming back from death, brings hope and light to humanity’s sufferings. The resurrection also signifies our rising from our own crosses. All the pains in life will eventually end in glory.

Let us replace arrogance, hatred, and greed with compassion and forgiveness. Jesus invites us to witness the true meaning of resurrection to others. He wants us to proclaim that He is alive boldly through our words and deeds.

Since every Sunday is considered a “little Easter,” where the Church gathers together to celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus at the Holy Mass, our participation brings us and constantly reminds us of the unfolding of the Easter mystery!

We thank God for that truth and look forward to expressing it more fully, even in the ordinary events of our lives. Let us embark on a new beginning and transform our homes where God is truly present. Easter is a season of joy and transformation, a new life and peace.