Gravity keeps us bound to this earth.  We are subject to the laws of nature, especially the movement of time and space, which are unstoppable forces. Each year, we celebrate our birthdays. We experience different kinds of pain brought about by the passing of time, the pains of illness, death, and separation. I will give you examples: As our children grow up, they move out of the house, go to college, and eventually will have their own family. We heard about the empty nest syndrome, which many parents experience.  In life, people that we truly love may sometimes go before us, and we grieve their loss.

These are all examples of the movement of the forces of gravity in human life. The descending movement of gravity is an unstoppable force. Even with brilliant human minds, modern science, and superb engineering and technology, the force of nature cannot be stopped.  Our technology can just delay things from happening prematurely.

Life does not allow us to hold onto things, situations, or people forever. However, in our descending movement of gravity, grace can be found. That is how God created and redeemed His people.

The Ascension signals the beginning of the reign of Jesus, who breaks the boundaries of time and space and has taken his place with God.  He defeats the forces of gravity like death, loneliness, and sorrow.  Then gravity and natural forces become grace through Christ. As Christ promised on this day of the Ascension and as He sits at the Father’s right hand, He is there to transform our sadness into joy, despair into hope, and illness into health.

If we accompany our earthly pilgrimage with the grace of God, we will not be focused on the temporariness of life.  We are more attached to the overwhelming joy of being in God’s loving arms. We ascend with Jesus to glory even in our temporal journey.

Jesus must be the center of everything we do.  He is the only one permanent. And that even though natural forces pull us, He brings us up to the world of God.  By our constant, faithful response to Christ’s call, we can transform the weight of life’s constant changes into grace and reveal God’s presence among us.