Funeral information

Our Catholic faith tells us that death is not the end but the beginning of a new life in the presence of our Lord in heaven. While the loss of a loved one brings sadness and burdens, St. Vincent Ferrer parish walks with you on your journey of faith in the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

We want to assist you in carrying out, in a dignified and reverential way, the liturgical services that our parish family has to offer for your loved one. Please contact the parish office at 561-276-6892 as the first step in requesting a service and to receive guidance on how to proceed with planning the liturgy.

For anyone wishing to be involved in the carrying out of Funeral Liturgies at our parish, we ask you to observe the guidelines that we present. While we try to honor the many personal requests we receive, experience tells us that there can be cases in which we will have to clarify some issues that can arise concerning the proper celebration of these rites. We ask that, as our guests, you respect our right to conduct these liturgical celebrations in the manner deemed to be most appropriate for our parish. If needed, the Pastor or his delegate will inform you of any changes or adjustments.

The Readings are to follow the proper sequence of liturgical services: first, a reading from the Old Testament, followed by the proper Responsorial Psalm that is sung or read, and then the New Testament reading. No other readings may be substituted and Catholic funeral guidelines do not permit eulogies during the Funeral Mass.

The music for the Funeral Mass is to follow the liturgical guidelines of the Catholic Church and the Diocese of Palm Beach. Neither secular music nor any pre-recorded music is permitted at the Funeral Mass. Any soloists or guest musicians need to contact the parish office in advance since the privilege to play the liturgical music at our services is part of the duties and responsibilities of our parish musicians. Please click HERE to listen to the music selections.

If you have not consulted with the Pastor or his delegate concerning the Funeral liturgy beforehand, and in order to keep with the guidelines of the Catholic Church, the customs of our parish, and the appropriate way of conducting these liturgical ceremonies, the Celebrant or Deacon will assist and inform you as to how to best accomplish this.

Thank you for your cooperation. May God bless you and your loved ones.

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