We are used to hearing the message, “God loves you, or God loves us.” But someone, out of despair, told me that sometimes, it doesn’t register anymore. “OK, God loves me.

That’s wonderful. But my personal life is upside down.” He added, read what’s on the news! Look, what’s on TV. They were all alarming. There is a looming inflation, political uncertainty, and conflict in different parts of the world that killed thousands of innocent people.  Think about the misery of humankind!

On this third Sunday of Lent, Jesus invites us to consider the broader implications of our sufferings. He also reminds us that our sufferings do not imply that He does not love us or punish us. Jesus invites us not to lose hope but to keep believing, knowing He truly loves us.

Christian hope is a humble and robust virtue that supports us so we do not drown in temptations and despair. The many stories of the Bible tell us that God always fulfills His promises because He loves His people.

According to Pope Francis, “Our God is the same God who, in the fullness of time, ensures that the promise would become a reality for all of us. What unites that first moment to this last moment is the thread of hope. What gives us peace in the darkest moments of life is hope. What unites us always to go forward is hope.”

Let us take extra care of our virtue of hope. Do not allow it to perish. Hope transforms the way we think. For instance, when we are anxious about the future and our situation, hope allows us to change our thinking by engaging in helpful activities and spending time with our family and friends. Hopeful people remain positive.

While we cannot control the situation around us, we can control our actions and our thoughts. Let us not put ourselves in a position where we can no longer imagine the promise of the future. Let us not be confined to a place where what we see is only despair. God’s power and love are more vital than the devil and any other authority. God’s love is always present and active throughout different generations.

While we cannot find the answer to the question of suffering, one thing is certain: We can find God in every situation. And when we find Him, we find hope. After all, the sufferings of this present time are nothing compared with the glory to be revealed to us (Romans 8:18). May we hold firm on our hope, knowing that God truly loves us!